Coastal Rowing Noosa


Noosa Laguna Bay

Published Sat 04 Jun 2022

Pater Taylor strokes the coastal quad through a tricky bar crossing with one metre waves, into Laguna Bay and onto Noosa Main Beach for coffee. Crew included a rower from Hobart who enjoyed the experience. The return row included surfing waves while crossing the bar, one of the must do coastal rowing experiences. Two quads made the tricky crossing at low tide,  making the waves stand up. Both boats went aground for a few heart stopping moments while crossing, but were able to power their way through on the next wave. The bay had a good one and a half metre cross swell running, making the rowing more exciting. The boats attracted interest from beach goes on Main Breach and crew were at hand to explained the boats finer points. On the return inward crossing, it was pick the channel, square to the wave, and race pace. The boats were able to catch the first wave and rocket in before turning side on riding over a wave then straightening and catching another wave to reach calmer waters. One of the boats did all of this Coxless.  All the crew were pleased and excited with their work and were keen to discuss the finer points while taking a break at calm "Dog Beach". A great morning row, and our visitor Toby from Tassy (pic: surfing on Noosa Bar) couldn't wait to go again. All of this before breakfast!