Coastal Rowing Noosa


Coastal Rowing is a well-established and popular sport in Europe, USA and rapidly growing in our region.  Our Noosa-based club aims to promote Coastal Rowing in all its formats to rowers wanting to try something different.  We row regularly (4 times/week) on the Noosa river and catch waves on the Noosa bar. We also train for longer challenge racing (4-6km endurance races) and Beach Sprint Racing (sprinting to and from the water and rowing a slalom course around buoys) to a wider audience. The Australian Coastal Rowing and Beach Sprint Championships are held annually. In 2022 they were held in Noosa and in 2023 they were held in Mooloolaba. These attracted rowers from around Australia and overseas.  The Club conducts regular Learn to Row Courses and Tour Rowing.

Coastal Rowing is the adventure side of rowing.  It involves multiple skill sets including; navigation, marine safety, action in swells and rough water, riding waves, negotiating tides, interacting with other coastal rowing boats in the same race, turns, sprints and beach launching and landings plus boat handling in waves. All these are learned skills, taught by our coaching staff.

It is a sport that needs reasonable rowing technique and good fitness but requires sea and boating skills as well.  Coastal boats have the same oars and sliding seats as fine boats however, they are stronger, wider and more stable in rough water.  Crews must learn to read the water and weather, understand maritime traffic rules and markers and adapt to changing conditions.  When racing, crews must understand boating protocols, manage difficult turns at buoys, interact with other boats and negotiate beach breaks.