Coastal Rowing Noosa

Induction and Safety

Risk Warning. Coastal rowing can be a risky and dangerous sport.  Regardless of the precautions taken by experienced persons, coastal rowing participants may be exposed to significant risk of property damage, physical harm and possible death.

Coastal Rowing Noosa expects a high level of independence and risk management from all members.  Prospective members and casual rowers may be required to undertake an on-water assessment to evaluate safety, understanding of risk and competency.  If required, it may be necessary to provide a certificate of medical fitness before undertaking any rowing activities.

Risk Managment. CRN maintains a Risk Management Plan which applies to all crew operating CRN boats.  The plan outlines potential risks in coastal rowing and advice about minimising those risks.  It also contains information on the roles and responsibilities of different members of the crew.  The CRN Risk Managment Plan 2023 V2  is available below. 

In the past, there have been occasions when coastal rowing boats have overturned on the Noosa bar.  None of these roll-overs resulted in serious damage or injury but their occurrence was recorded in the Club's incident log book.  All coastal rowing incidents must be recorded in line with the club's Incident Report available here.